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What?! I’m not a Sagittarius?!

So, for those of you that don’t know…I am studying astrology and numerology and life is beginning to make so much sense now. I have always been curious about things that I couldn’t understand like, who built the roads and named the streets and why are people so different from each other? Let’s just say I didn’t grow up around a lot of open-minded people and with my questions going unanswered, I do what many young adults do…get distracted. Well at the age of 30 the Universe is showing me that I had to go through certain events and meet certain people in order for this moment to matter.I was born 12/21 at 11:40p, which is 20 minutes before 12/22 and the beginning of the Capricorn era. So I coined the term for myself “Sagicorn” in high school. Since I have moved into studying the rotation of the Moon in conjunction with the Zodiac, I have now gotten confirmation that I am indeed a Capricorn and Sagittarius is done 12/20…this has me looking at myself in a different perspective. The two signs have significant differences. Amazing how our beliefs shape us, since that confirmation it feels like a part of me doesn’t need to pretend anymore…when I didn’t even realize that I was pretending…sounds crazy, but it is hard to explain! Thought I just wanted a garden because I’m a vegetarian and it is economical…but it could be because Capricorn is an Earth sign and enjoys gardening. I thought I was into unique styles and fashion because of my parents, but Capricorns are into themselves and how they look in the eyes of others. It is up to you or not whether you believe, but the truth is…