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Save that change!

I found myself very unhappy in 2012, I remained grateful and positive about the things the Universe were doing for me in my life…but I was still very unsettled. I finally landed a lucrative career and thought I would be content for a while, I had a nice and reliable vehicle, was running a successful part time independent contracting business and I was in the financial position to purchase a home. However I watched my life become very boring and redundant. I realized it would be easy to become comfortable with working like a slave just to pay bills and be broke the same day I get paid. Not to mention I would be too distracted from my family, hobbies and personal goals. I wanted to be able to enjoy life I wanted to make money and actually be able to do something for myself and family with my money. I began to see my career for what it really was and I was not comfortable with working for Child Protective Services everyday, I wanted to be on the preventative and therapeutic side, not the consequential side and be responsible for removing children away from their families. I met wonderful people and was being primed as a supervisor after my first year, but my position was taking a toll on my emotions and I was drinking heavily and my patience was really short and I wasn’t myself. I began to pray and just followed what the Universe was telling me, I was no longer in control I put it all in the hands of the Creator and allowed myself to be controlled by a higher power. I began teach my children about the purpose of saving money and in doing so I had to practice what I was preaching and save myself. Can’t teach a child to do something if they don’t see you doing it yourself. According to Suze Orman every time we spend our bills, dollar bills $5 dollar bills $10 bills any time we spend our bills and we get change back if we were to save all of that change for one year we will have $4000. Now I honestly can say that we didn’t stay consistent for the entire year, but I can tell you we had a couple hundred dollars saved up and it helped us purchase gas to drive across the country in 2013. Now with new goals ahead of us we have something in mind that we want to purchase. Therefore, we are at it again! Next time you have a pocket full of change, stay mindful of what you do with it. United we stand!
Peace & Love