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Are we reinforcing slavery into our children?

I’m always looking for ways to support my children’s creative side and yesterday my daughter made me an organic and non-GMO strawberry smoothie and brought me a bill for $.50 and then it hit me! We have been so influenced by the slavery mentality throughout generations by our parents, grandparents and possibly great grandparents that I didn’t even realize that we reinforce slavery each time we pay allowance or reward our children for completing their chores. I don’t know about you, but my kids fuss and complain when the time comes to get these tasks complete. Yes we should teach our children to clean and be responsible, but that only instills in them the monetary exchange for work that they don’t enjoy doing. Isn’t that the life for most of us these days? Doing work that we don’t enjoy just because we have to make a paycheck for whatever reason. I find that when monetarily rewarding our children shouldn’t we reinforce it with some they DO enjoy doing? I didn’t hesitate to pay my bill because my daughter makes awesome smoothies and she is raising money for a good cause. Try this with your child, it may be paying them for a drawing or putting on a performance or whipping up a good meal or snack. We will start at home and see where this goes! Seems to me this is the beginning of creating an entrepreneur instead of an employee. Any thoughts??!!