Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help those Aging Out smile!

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We aren’t parents, we are assistants of the Universe

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to have children. Trust me if you have children it is for a more divine reason than you realize. Not every man and woman that has unprotected sex produces children. What bothers me is when parents think their kids were born and owe them something. Children are born because God has a purpose for their lives and saw fit for you to be the conceiver and bearer of the child. Many of us don’t realize our purpose enough to raise children into their purpose. It is important for us to learn more about what we enjoy doing and what makes us happy so we can do more of those things and pass it on to our children. I remember one time after a holiday my step Mom caught me giving a piece of ham to a stray dog and I got yelled at. She also used to offer us kids up to the drunks asking her for change in the street as a joke. As a child this is most confusing especially if God wanted you on this Earth to be a giver. So please parents stop trying to live your life through your children, you never know how the little things will slow your child down from living in their purpose. Let them explore and find other activities for them to participate in other than things you did as a child. My children like soccer, tennis and swimming and a variety of other things. None of these things I wanted to do daily as a child, but because I know I have them and it is my duty to guide them into happiness I will do research and find someone who is into those activities that can help. Think about your kids talents and things they enjoy doing and get them to doing more of it. Not only will it increase their happiness, but it may turn into their purpose which can turn into their success.

Peace & Love