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Why do they want us to believe fluoride is good?!

Fluoride is a poison, that poisons hundreds of enzymes in the body. Fluoridation of the water supply is associated with an increase of certain cancers and causes thyroid problems.

Excessive levels of fluoride may be linked to neurotoxicity, hormone problems, and cancer. long-term high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures, and bone abnormalities.

While critics of fluoride were once considered a fringe group, they are now finding themselves gaining a voice in mainstream medical circle. Beyond the contentious debate over whether fluoride leads to serious health concerns is the fact that many people doubt whether fluoride even helps improve the cavity rate of adults.

Your local water utility can tell you whether your water supply has added fluoride. If it does, consider a home filtration system that removes it. Not all filtration systems eliminate fluoride. One that does is reverse osmosis filtration. Other consumer tips:

Infants should not have formula made with fluoridated water. When possible, choose fresh food over processed food products, which often contain fluoride.

Organic food is best, since it also protects you from exposure to sulfuryl fluoride, the most commonly used pesticide made with fluoride.

Limit your intake of meat and dairy products from conventionally raised animals. They are often fed bone meal, which contains high levels of fluoride.

Try to avoid mechanically deboned chicken, including nuggets and baby food, since the deboning process leaves fluoride from bones in the meat.

If you use toothpaste with fluoride, thoroughly rinse your mouth afterwards. Monitor small children while they brush to make sure they don’t use too much toothpaste and that they don’t swallow it.

Below is a fluoride free toothpaste my family and I use and can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes and other health food stores.

If you are a homeowner, definitely invest in a reverse osmosis filtration system, short term it’s an expense, long term it could save you and your children from many unnecessary health issues and medical costs. If you don’t own a home yet, filtered water is a better option than tap water. Invest in your health, invest in your life!

Peace & Love

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The purpose of education, the realest ish I ever wrote!

Let me just say that I am not against education…I love for people to get knowledge..I am against the educational system that this country has evolved into, before the industrial revolution..which is the era that was created when the government realized..hey we can train people to work and make money for us, let’s help them forget their natural talents and just teach them what we want them to know. Before this time our people used their natural talents as their business that took care of their families. There were merchants, locksmiths, candlestick makers, farmers, etc. Not to mention how awesome it was to have a bartering system..where its like hey I will give you x amount of candles for x amount of produce. Therefore business owners were able to barter for the needs of their families and only capitalize from those not participating in the bartering system, which were still many. These days they want us to pay to get their idea of education, so we can work to support their freedom, not ours. In the meantime they bombard us with media that shows us all this shit and they brainwash us into thinking we ain’t shit if we don’t buy into it. Nike’s, Jordan’s, big homes, fancy cheaply built cars, clothes and accessories that are made in China. Let’s not even get started on China, that’s an entirely different conversation. What I’m saying is, get educated…if going to college is your goal, by all means do it. What I want you to avoid is the slavery mentality of believing everything you see because someone is telling you that you should. Make your money and invest in what makes you happy. You may love to make candles or sew your own clothes or paint beautiful pictures on canvas. Instead of buying expensive clothes and shoes and helping the rich get richer…try using your own talents to help you build revenue so you can get out of that debt and truly be free. You don’t have to work until you are 65 because they told you so, get smarter and you can retire at 25, 35, 45 or 55 and live a healthier more fulfilling life doing what you are truly meant to do. Will everyone read this and stop giving so much money back to the corporation just to show you got it like that? No! Does that makes me angry? Yes! But hey, the life of righteous is not for everyone, only a selected chosen few..and those few are the ones I’m writing this for. Be smart, don’t believe the hype…it with cost you your happiness.
Peace & Love

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What?! I’m not a Sagittarius?!

So, for those of you that don’t know…I am studying astrology and numerology and life is beginning to make so much sense now. I have always been curious about things that I couldn’t understand like, who built the roads and named the streets and why are people so different from each other? Let’s just say I didn’t grow up around a lot of open-minded people and with my questions going unanswered, I do what many young adults do…get distracted. Well at the age of 30 the Universe is showing me that I had to go through certain events and meet certain people in order for this moment to matter.I was born 12/21 at 11:40p, which is 20 minutes before 12/22 and the beginning of the Capricorn era. So I coined the term for myself “Sagicorn” in high school. Since I have moved into studying the rotation of the Moon in conjunction with the Zodiac, I have now gotten confirmation that I am indeed a Capricorn and Sagittarius is done 12/20…this has me looking at myself in a different perspective. The two signs have significant differences. Amazing how our beliefs shape us, since that confirmation it feels like a part of me doesn’t need to pretend anymore…when I didn’t even realize that I was pretending…sounds crazy, but it is hard to explain! Thought I just wanted a garden because I’m a vegetarian and it is economical…but it could be because Capricorn is an Earth sign and enjoys gardening. I thought I was into unique styles and fashion because of my parents, but Capricorns are into themselves and how they look in the eyes of others. It is up to you or not whether you believe, but the truth is…

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What is up with our history

Okay, so some of yall know that we homeschool our children. Mainly for the purposes of being in control of what our children learn and partly for safety reasons. So today when Oniya did her history lesson it was about Christopher Columbus. The lesson went on to say how Columbus is from Spain and him and his boys would travel to China to barter and trade for gold and spices or whatnot. Columbus then tries to convince the King and Queen of Spain that he knows a shorter way to Asia and he needs financial support. Columbus tells them that he can get to Asia quicker going straight across the Atlantic…Columbus was unaware that North and South America existed and were going to get in the way of his voyage…SERIOUSLY?! The lesson claims he did so much studying and preparing his voyage….how could he miss a big, gigantic, enormous piece of land such as North and South America?! Then the lesson says they arrived in a boat to a beach and nice people came out to greet them, and they were nice and helpful and were unarmed. Columbus called them Indians because he was convinced that he indeed made it to Asia…in one month! LOL how foolish. If he did soooo much research he should have known it would have been impossible to reach Asia in one month…however, they stayed for a spell then traveled back to Spain to tell the King and Queen about their journey to the “New World.” No wonder I failed American History in the 9th grade and had to make it up in summer school. Are we seriously suppose to believe that?! Well if you do believe trust me it is not your fault…our history is much different from what the Elite want us to know, think about it…if you had all the silver and gold in the world…stop getting caught up in your discussion about money (money is a figure of your imagination…it is not real…it is simply a piece of paper AKA an IOU) if you had everything precious and priceless don’t you think you could control what others know and don’t know?! I won’t get too heavy in this post, but if you stay tuned you will learn the truth over time.

Peace & Love