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The purpose of education, the realest ish I ever wrote!

Let me just say that I am not against education…I love for people to get knowledge..I am against the educational system that this country has evolved into, before the industrial revolution..which is the era that was created when the government realized..hey we can train people to work and make money for us, let’s help them forget their natural talents and just teach them what we want them to know. Before this time our people used their natural talents as their business that took care of their families. There were merchants, locksmiths, candlestick makers, farmers, etc. Not to mention how awesome it was to have a bartering system..where its like hey I will give you x amount of candles for x amount of produce. Therefore business owners were able to barter for the needs of their families and only capitalize from those not participating in the bartering system, which were still many. These days they want us to pay to get their idea of education, so we can work to support their freedom, not ours. In the meantime they bombard us with media that shows us all this shit and they brainwash us into thinking we ain’t shit if we don’t buy into it. Nike’s, Jordan’s, big homes, fancy cheaply built cars, clothes and accessories that are made in China. Let’s not even get started on China, that’s an entirely different conversation. What I’m saying is, get educated…if going to college is your goal, by all means do it. What I want you to avoid is the slavery mentality of believing everything you see because someone is telling you that you should. Make your money and invest in what makes you happy. You may love to make candles or sew your own clothes or paint beautiful pictures on canvas. Instead of buying expensive clothes and shoes and helping the rich get richer…try using your own talents to help you build revenue so you can get out of that debt and truly be free. You don’t have to work until you are 65 because they told you so, get smarter and you can retire at 25, 35, 45 or 55 and live a healthier more fulfilling life doing what you are truly meant to do. Will everyone read this and stop giving so much money back to the corporation just to show you got it like that? No! Does that makes me angry? Yes! But hey, the life of righteous is not for everyone, only a selected chosen few..and those few are the ones I’m writing this for. Be smart, don’t believe the hype…it with cost you your happiness.
Peace & Love