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Say no to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s!

Research has been conducted beginning as far back as the 1960’s that may prove that the leading┬ácause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirant. Yes, ANTIPERSPIRANT. Most of the products out there are an anti-perspirant/deodorant combination so go home and check your labels.

Aluminum acts as a pore clogging agent that stops sweating and odor. While you may want to stop perspiration due to work, school or extracurricular activities what you may not realize is deodorant also stops the body from getting rid of harmful toxins. When these toxins are unable to leave the body through perspiration, they gather around in the breast area and may lead to health concerns. The chemical reaction of aluminum to the body can harm the liver, breast and/or brain.

This risk is not only true for deodorants, but also for aluminum cans, foils and antacids. In addition to considering changing antiperspirant products, women should also address other breast cancer risks and find more ways of eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and limiting alcohol. Increased levels of aluminum has also been found in those who suffer from dementia, now that you know a possible cause, make better decisions.

There are several aluminum free alternatives available at Health food stores, the one pictured here is found at Walgreen’s.

Get smart, get, healthy, get happy.
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