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I did it because I needed a change!

I gave up my old way of thinking and created a new me in myself! I tell y’all, as I head to work this morning I can’t help reflect on a conversation I had with a family member the other day. Of course many family members do have your best interest in mind…but they are brainwashed with the same slavery mentality as you were so their advice is a little tainted if you have grown beyond them mentally and spiritually. Yes it is true that I went to college and first began as a nursing major, couldn’t stomach it so I switched to psychology and criminal justice with the plans of going to Law School. I always knew I wanted to help people make positive changes in their life, just didn’t realize which path was best.

I’ve worked in enough positions and fields to know that I’m not happy when I don’t have enough freedom. I needed to be able to work a position where I could be myself, have fun, organize, learn, exhibit my professionalism and deal with different people on a regular basis and not feel like I’m on a clock as an employee. After working jobs where I had great responsibility, long hours and stressful case loads I have now decided in a new state to try something different, to step outside of my comfort zone of hiding behind the desk and computer and literally got on my feet.

I have decided to get out of my own way with my pride and worrying about what others would think of my decisions. I was happiest when I worked at McDonald’s as a teen, I was promoted rather quickly and had fun doing so. As an adult I completed bartending school because I wanted daily money and I wanted to have fun while being myself, but my conscious wouldn’t allow me to be comfortable serving poison to my people for paper. I took some time to pray about it and decided to go to a temp agency that specializing in banquet and serving positions. I passed their little quiz and was invited to orientation…the only thing was I had to go purchase a full uniform before attending this orientation and that would cost in total close to $100.

I think I cried that night and asked the Universe what should I do. I listened and began to search Craigslist for jobs in food/hospitality and came across some good ads for hostess and servers and I thought to myself, why wait on a temp agency to send me on assignments when I could just apply directly and have a steady schedule and employer. That thought led me to an ad for Denny’s Restaurant, I figured I start there since I needed to get back in the swing of serving. I interviewed twice and was hired and I must admit this is the most fun I have had working since I was a teenager. I make the same amount I was making when I was behind the desk (when you add my hourly rate and daily tips), but with 1/3 the headache. Instead of being broke every two weeks because the bills are waiting for me to get paid, I have money daily and can budget and make sure our needs are met much efficiently. I can make peoples day brighter with my smile, and give advice with my positive attitude and suggest food options that will improve ones health with my wellness coaching. I work at a truck stop and get the pleasure meeting people from all over the country and different walks of life.

I’ve been able to pay towards my dreams of being an author and motivational speaker without sacrificing the cost of bills or rent because I am in better control of the flow of money. The moral of my story is once you learn to let go of the ego and pride, get out of your own way and begin to do the things that make you happy, it will create more happiness and you will become blessed and start to see how God works in your life. It starts with faith, is your cup ready to overflow??!! Don’t let this government, bills or the economy discourage you..where that stops is where God takes over…take a step out on faith today!
Peace & Love

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What?! I’m not a Sagittarius?!

So, for those of you that don’t know…I am studying astrology and numerology and life is beginning to make so much sense now. I have always been curious about things that I couldn’t understand like, who built the roads and named the streets and why are people so different from each other? Let’s just say I didn’t grow up around a lot of open-minded people and with my questions going unanswered, I do what many young adults do…get distracted. Well at the age of 30 the Universe is showing me that I had to go through certain events and meet certain people in order for this moment to matter.I was born 12/21 at 11:40p, which is 20 minutes before 12/22 and the beginning of the Capricorn era. So I coined the term for myself “Sagicorn” in high school. Since I have moved into studying the rotation of the Moon in conjunction with the Zodiac, I have now gotten confirmation that I am indeed a Capricorn and Sagittarius is done 12/20…this has me looking at myself in a different perspective. The two signs have significant differences. Amazing how our beliefs shape us, since that confirmation it feels like a part of me doesn’t need to pretend anymore…when I didn’t even realize that I was pretending…sounds crazy, but it is hard to explain! Thought I just wanted a garden because I’m a vegetarian and it is economical…but it could be because Capricorn is an Earth sign and enjoys gardening. I thought I was into unique styles and fashion because of my parents, but Capricorns are into themselves and how they look in the eyes of others. It is up to you or not whether you believe, but the truth is…