Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help those Aging Out smile!

Do you feel your relationship is holding you back?

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So many times while dating we meet someone with so many good qualities, we have fun in the beginning and you are convinced that the relationship could have good potential. You decide to move forward then next thing you know, potential isn’t developing into progress. What do you do? Do you slow your progress down to help your partner catch up? What if you find yourself being the one making moves for the both of you? Is this a deal breaker? Or do you help your partner realize what they are good at and help them do more of that?

Author: Ono Marchell

I am a 37 year old Mother of 4, friend, relative, entrepreneur and consultant. I have a vibrant spirit and an increasing quest for knowledge, truth and overstanding. I love being social, creative and helpful. I enjoy meaningful conversations and family outings. Positive people make me happy, people who are curious about the world around them, make me happy. People who are ignorant to the understanding of themselves and refuse to think independently pose a challenge, however my life purpose is to deliver these messages without prejudice and that is what I am here to do. I love working with teens and young mothers and enjoy teaching goal setting and self-confidence classes in my community. I feel my best when I am helping others, what makes you feel your best?!

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