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Your Life on Purpose

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I heard a speaker once talk about living in your purpose and he spoke about the difference between those people who were born for purpose and those who were born to assist those that were born for purpose. What I learned from his speech was that we don’t choose the family we are born in or the friends we make due to the school or neighborhood we live in. All this is predestined for a reason and the people we encounter were place there to teach and/or protect us during the process of fulfilling our purpose..but we must see life and those around us for what it really is. That means when we realize that it is not everyone’s purpose to make it big or walk a purpose…once you realize that most people’s purpose is to help you make it instead of actually making it themselves then you can realize that it is okay to let go of people who may be holding you back, whether or not they are family. When you let go of the expectations of your family & friends and realize that their purpose is to be used as vessels by God to get you on the path to your life purpose, you can TRULY let go and let God. Now some of you may wonder, what about the people that hurt me, curse me, violated me, were those people sent here in my life for that reason and how is that suppose to help my purpose? My answer may sound astonishing, but the answer is yes! Let me give you an example, since being in Phoenix I was determined to make connections with positive and open minded people such as myself. Through the works of the Universe, my family and I are growing close to a church family. At this church a native man and his wife are in the beginning stages of building their congregation and they offer such good energy (although our faiths differ slightly) that we decided to fellowship with them. During this fellowship we met a woman who belongs to their church who was involved in a fatal car years ago and was close to being crushed in half by a truck, her pre-teen daughter and 4 year old son were in the car. Her 4 year old son was ejected from the car and the accident claimed his life. I learned of this incident after meeting and having a conversation with the woman and from her bright smile and bubbling personality I would have never guessed. Anyhoo, turns out that she was devastated and turned to drugs and street life to cope with feeling responsible for the death of her son. She has scars that won’t never go away emotionally or physically, but her Faith and Will had to be tested in major way because she was born to make a major impact in the lives of others. She was born to be an inspiration for other women in the streets and other women who have lost children, her aura and smile alone could change the hearts and minds of others. I felt a deeper connection to the lady after her Mom finished telling me her story. This was the Saturday before Easter, the next day was Sunday and we came back to show our support during service on Easter Sunday and the woman was there singing her heart out and telling her story during her song. I was touched and gave her the biggest hug after service and we began to talk about what helped her make it through. And to my surprise this woman told me…that even AFTER having a full hysterectomy due to the accident, she gave birth to another boy and today he is 7 years old..she emphasized that this happened WITHOUT any of her female parts! I started to cry..because right in that moment I saw God in her…I knew that yes we go through things and it may seem difficult to find God during those times, but if you can just hang on…God will show himself. And after that happened this woman knew God was real and it didn’t matter to anyone else what their opinion of God was because her journey was real! The magical part about it all is when God chooses someone like that to use the inspiration comes from their experience and the story they tell to others. Life is all about helping and inspiring the next so we all can succeed and to see her smiling and spreading love even after that was a beautiful thing. We are all here to assist each other in some form or another. When people can just stop comparing themselves to others and trying to compete it is easier to realize that some people were born to be, some were born to do and some were born to have and some won’t make it because they aren’t suppose to. If you feel something greater in yourself and your spirit that you can’t quite explain, why be stopped because of others when your purpose is your purpose, on purpose?! Think about it!

Author: Ono Marchell

I am a 37 year old Mother of 4, friend, relative, entrepreneur and consultant. I have a vibrant spirit and an increasing quest for knowledge, truth and overstanding. I love being social, creative and helpful. I enjoy meaningful conversations and family outings. Positive people make me happy, people who are curious about the world around them, make me happy. People who are ignorant to the understanding of themselves and refuse to think independently pose a challenge, however my life purpose is to deliver these messages without prejudice and that is what I am here to do. I love working with teens and young mothers and enjoy teaching goal setting and self-confidence classes in my community. I feel my best when I am helping others, what makes you feel your best?!

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