Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively

When we SMYLE, we help those Aging Out smile!

Another reason why we home-school…

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As I work as a learning coach with my children and their education on a daily basis, I realize that children really are very different. For example, my daughter likes words, art, writing. She is a Capricorn and is a visual learner. Studying zodiac signs help me to understand myself, my family and others…I studied Psychology in college and it had the BIGGEST impact on my understanding of anything that I had previously learned. I once had to do a report my junior year of college on whether I believed in Free Will or Determinism…and that is when my mind opened up and I really began to think. I started utilizing the Law of Attraction…met my soulmate…well that is a different story on how all the pieces of my life started to come together…Anyhoo, studying this ancient philosophy gives me the opportunity to tailor my communication to the needs of others. My son is a Gemini, he like lyrics, he enjoys poems and rap, melodies and beats. How would it be possible for a teacher to tailor her lesson to accommodate the difference between all the children in their class? I am not talking about college level, I am talking about the ground level, where the foundation is built. Is this why we have a lot of our students doubting themselves and giving up so easily? Why? because they need to be introduced into a unique way of learning and don’t have anyone around them that understands. While I can paint a visual picture or show my daughter a video and she learns effectively, my son however, likes to learn with music. I have him spell his full name as a rap in order for him to memorize how to spell his name, he already knows how to write his letters, so 1+1=2 right?!. My kids really are like night and day at times! If someone would like to get together and put a cd/dvd collection together about our history…I am down! What do you think? Many of you will be opposed to home-school for whatever reason, but I understand that those thoughts were just implanted in us by our parents and their parents because “The Man” of course wanted to make money off us going to school. However, as a grown up and parent I can’t help but to ask those who are successful what school did they attend..and for more than half of them to state they were home-schooled said enough to me. It is time for us to stop listening and taking advice from those who aren’t accomplished or even attempted to be. It is hard for me to listen to an elder tell me how to raise my children when their children are incarcerated, on drugs, criminal or crazy…but if you have raised successful business owners, humanitarians, book authors, photographers, directors, teachers, etc. then I may be interested in listening… 

Author: Ono Marchell

I am a 37 year old Mother of 4, friend, relative, entrepreneur and consultant. I have a vibrant spirit and an increasing quest for knowledge, truth and overstanding. I love being social, creative and helpful. I enjoy meaningful conversations and family outings. Positive people make me happy, people who are curious about the world around them, make me happy. People who are ignorant to the understanding of themselves and refuse to think independently pose a challenge, however my life purpose is to deliver these messages without prejudice and that is what I am here to do. I love working with teens and young mothers and enjoy teaching goal setting and self-confidence classes in my community. I feel my best when I am helping others, what makes you feel your best?!

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